Ep 22 – Past Lives

Tonight we delved into past life therapy with our guest Margie. She discussed how delving into past lives can help resolve current issues in peoples lives. If you wish to contact either Aquarius or Margie, use the contact form here on LPTD and i will forward your request to them.

The Show can be heard/downloaded here


EP. 21 Human Design

Tonight we have on a guest BonTemps to talk about Human Design. The websites are http://humandesignamerica.com , https://www.ihdschool.com/ https://www.jovianarchive.com/Human_Design/What_is_it

BonTemps also provided a sample chart which was discussed in some detail.

Link to show

EP. 20 Michelle Freed-Bulgatz

Producer Michelle is back with us for a quick discussion of the MUFON event she was at, and a deeper look into remote viewing. Michelle had us do an experiment on target 42198747 , and draw what we see. If you wish to participate please sketch your RV impressions and email them to michelle@midnightinthedesert.com . This ends with Michelle picking a winner on Saturday August 3, 2019. Michelle will also be giving out prizes as well!

You can hear/download the show here .

Episode 19 -Maureen St.Germain

We had Maureen St. Germain on for a discussion on the Akashic Records, positive thinking and mass consciousness. We had some issues and lost about 5 minutes of the show which i removed 😦 .

Maureen’s website is https://maureenstgermain.com/ . She has a number of books many of which can be found here.

The show can be found here .

We also might have got an EVP ! or it might just be a audio glitch , no heard it except me, and it was recorded as it went out over the stream.

here is the EVP. Here is the EVP slowed down 33%